Welcome to 807 Group

Our inhouse team of seasoned professionals bring a complete package to our clients. We own businesses and have experienced all the highs and lows that running a business throws at its owners. We have a trusted team of external specialists on retainer to provide instant support and solutions for our clients and our team.


Expert business consultancy which drive business growth and increased effectiveness. We will make a real, positive difference to your business.


Growing our own business portfolio through acquisition or joint ventures, innovative solutions blah blah


Creative business solutions.for the 21st century business problems.
No matter the problem our team will find you a solution.

Reimagining every element to make your business even better

Our Clients have access

to the following

Award winning entrepreneurs

Start ups specialists

Turnaround specialists


Debt resturcuring

Corporate Finance

SME advisors


Property Finance

Sale and Leaeeback

VAT Advisors